I worked for a medical corporation for a short while. One successful part of my short career was expressing my style. Sitting behind a majestic desk in the fabulous entryway, I was the first one seen. Others affirmed the way I dressed. Unknown to them I was hoping I didn’t look “homemade”. My style was to cut off the collars of my dress jackets and hem them or, if I could get away with it, glue the top around the neck. Then to give a feminine profile I cut a curve on each side at the waist and sewed it up. The girls didn’t seem to notice. Most every day the female executives and administrative assistants commented on my look. Even the suit I interviewed in was from the second hand store. I am not sure what “year” my look was.

What looks good on you may be last year’s style; wear it and make it into this year! Because you are an original, develop the temperament and personality that you are created to be. Develop your aura first, from the inside to the outside. You are not like his mother, your mother, or your admired aunt. You are like no other woman. Learn from them, but create from your personal inspiration, your own uniqueness.

Figure out the right colors for you, (the librarian will help you find a good book). You are almost there with shinning hair and the right make up. You will look like a picture with your most pleasant expression and an affirming smile that comes from inside. It doesn’t matter your age or background or station. Grow from where you are right now in your life. Study you; the spirit, soul and body that is you. Look for your gifts and aptitudes. Polish your personality and style.

Grow close to God by reading the Bible. “. . . Let the beauty [agreeableness, grace] of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish the work [an action] of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish it” (from Psalm 90:17) Pray this to the Lord, and then start moving with confidence in the direction of hope and usefulness.



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