Deciding that your philosophy will be from the Bible is the Way to everlasting life, but more…it is the Way to live successfully now one day at a time. As you study the Bible, and begin living by it you begin the “race of life” and it takes focus and endurance.

Our neighborhood was quiet on Blackwood Avenue where we reared Joshua, Josiah and Zachariah. A thirty foot trailer fifteen feet from the road was our first home, four years later we moved into a small frame house behind it. Six years later, we moved this house off the property and had built a small two story New England style home, all three at the same address. From home, in all four directions, there were major highways. We heard the muffled sounds of traffic through the trees. But closer to us was an area with several miles of quiet, narrow roads.

I jogged on these quiet, shady roads. One afternoon Josh, who was nearly finished at the University of Central Florida, did the three mile run with me. He was young with strong, long legs–I knew I was in trouble right from the beginning on this day. His slow pace considerably faster than my fast one, I kept up reasonably well until two tenths of a mile from the end, when I slowed to a walk, weary from head to toe. He turned around, grinned and did a side to side step, motioning me to keep going. “Come on mom, we’re almost to the end. Run!” From somewhere inside came the motivation to do it; his grin, his faith in me could not be denied. I began to jog and then putting my greatest effort into it, ran ahead of him (because he allowed me). He laughed loudly and said, “See, I knew you had it in you.”

He was six feet tall, in his twenties then; I was five feet, six, in my fifties then. Joshua’s superior strength and resolve brought us both to the finish that day, still running. We laughed and raised our hands in triumph. We both won!


When life is complicated, go back to the beginning of your story in Genesis . . . “In the beginning God . . . ”

Come this Way! Sure, this is God’s word we’re talking about, but you can know what you believe! I did this; you can too. Your life and marriage will simplify if you look in the right place and do what you think it means. Scripture is where wisdom is found. God cares that you be assured and successful. You cannot make decisions for your husband or anybody else . . . but you can make small decisions day by day in the right direction. The Holy Spirit will teach you through the Bible, then affirm and encourage and strengthen you. His Word is written for your everlasting benefit. His promises are on your behalf; His assurance is “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

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