A man is created with a void, a yearning for “the part opposite” himself (that is you). And though he doesn’t have an exact picture of who you are inside, or who you should become, still he craves to have you by his side. It is you who will come up with your job description. Femaleness surfaces; just let it. Play your leading role with purpose and your man will likely flourish. Without you, should you decide to go in another direction, he will be disadvantaged. You are not responsible for his decisions, only your own: but be wise with them; you are the greatest influence in his life; you are closest. When you yearn to make a difference: he is right beside you.

It was already dark when I saw my husband’s headlights go past the kitchen window and head around the circle in the back yard. I waited for him at the door. He emerged from the darkness holding his lunchbox, his water jug and brief case, and looked at me intently. I watched him, waiting to hear what was obviously on his mind: he said, “I was listening to Eric Clapton sing ‘you look so good to me tonight;’ you look so good to me.” When he came close, I saw tears in my husband’s eyes. It was worth it! The effort, the lack luster day, it was more than worth it, to hear those words and see those tears trickle down my husband’s cheeks. He was talking to me, his wife of twenty-three years. We were growing.

The stark, austere surroundings of most men’s lives when a woman is not around indicate his need. Men who live alone tend to become less sociable than married men; their surroundings include only the bare necessities. A man’s unrelenting need for cheer, mind to mind communication and encouragement goes unsatisfied. Men who are happily married live longer, claims George Gilder in Men and Marriage. Men, excepting those gifted in celibacy need a wife: in his spirit, soul and body he is balanced, strengthened, encouraged and comforted in counterpart to a good woman.

Which part of your role is more important? Is it comfort, during hard times? Is it counsel when he doubts himself or his destiny, even groping to find it at all? Is it practical aid and female perspective and care? Is it that supreme privilege of making love and receiving it fully? Every need in a man is indication of the emptiness inside him that you his wife fill. A good woman will build for herself a place of immeasurable value.



  • Do you know that you can become the woman you always wanted to be?
  • Do you have a Philosophy you have confidence in?
  • What do you think about livng by the Bible?


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2 Responses to YOUR IMPORTANCE

  1. Tonya says:

    Excellent post. This year was OUR 23rd anniversary. :)

  2. Lizzie says:

    Yea, Tonya. Thank you for affirming this passion of mine. It seems to be yours as well. It will get even better…"The path of the just shines more and more until the noon day." This is still true with thirty-seven years behind us.

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