Every man is gifted because he is created in God’s image. The genius is in there. You can trust that it is created in him.

Listen carefully to your husband day after day. Watch him with fresh vision and hope. Look deeper than the surface you will discover his strengths, his gifts. He will be profoundly encouraged if he suspects you are seeing him this way. Fascinating layers to his personality he may not even know are there.

My husband, Eric, worked as an electrician’s helper when we first married; the pay was minimum wage and we lived on it about four years; our first two sons were born in those years. Work he didn’t know existed came to him just after our third son was born. Eric had a natural bent toward organization and logistics. His education in secondary science, work as a radioman on a naval ship and now his interest in electricity all worked to qualify him for the work he would love: logistics for the Navy.

You are the closest real person to encourage the gifts out the man who happens to be your husband.

You have a lot to gain by the investment you make in him by awaking and encouraging his persona (or lose by not making the investment).

With years of marriage behind you will be challenged at first to see his gifts, if you have not always known that there is reason to believe in the man you married, disappointments and all. But no matter what he has or has not accomplished you can begin again to learn to believe.

Look for a spark, a focused interest in him. As a wife, and being closest to him, you may be the first to recognize his uniqueness! Uniqueness needs understanding and pride from you.

For the minute, forget the past, forget the attitude of those around and think just of you and your husband and God! Once you “see” with spiritual eyes, you decide to encourage what you see in your husband. You may just make the difference in his future . . . and yours . . . and in the future of your world.

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  1. Kathleen Richardson says:

    Such good encouragement. Thank you!

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