Pay good attention to what you like.

You are inherently powerful, useful, productive, creative and good at specific things. But there is so much more to you. You and your man are both unique, but only one is like you. You are a female with the same perspective females have — femaleness — that equal and counterpart power to males. Inside, in your mind and heart and soul is a wonderful world of gifts, compassion, ability to counsel, comfort and love that has a most powerful and influential potential.

You are powerful in the creation because you are a human being, created in the image of God; “male and female created He them . . .”

More than any and all of the rest of creation, of animals, fish or fowl, you think, process information, create, and have the privilege of communion with both God and mankind who dwell on earth with you.

So “Who Are You?” OK; it’s a challenge you must accept, take on seriously and learn to understand, if you will gain this amazing status of knowing who you are.

You are a three part being: a spirit, a soul and a body. God says through Scripture, “. . . I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (I Thessalonians 5:23)

You can KNOW all three parts of you.

Your SPIRIT has the privilege of communion with God. Mysteriously also your mind is connected. Then you have a SOUL, a persona with temperament, personality and gifts, (probably many more than one). Your BODY sees, touches, hears and communicates through your voice . . . even your eyes and body language might enter the conversation. All are part of your unique femaleness and all are somehow connected to your mind, which answers ultimately to God.

So, STUDY YOURSELF. Pay attention to everything you feel, everything you think, every clear picture in your mind, everything others affirm in you. “Sift them” through the truth of the Bible to be sure you are on track.

When these possible gifts and inclinations clarify you have a job to do! Grow, study yourself inside and outside. Study about your possible gifts and practice them until you sweat with the effort. Give yourself to a noble purpose. Pray to God for guidance, inspiration and vision.

You are a female, created in God’s image so you are powerful. When you accept the Redemption of Jesus your sins are forgiven and you then have supernatural power: the Holy Spirit teaches you from inside. Your powerful persona will be enhanced by your innate gifts. Discover them, use them and be so much happier. Ignore inspiration and your sadness will only grow.

Learn to trust your instincts.

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4 Responses to YOU CAN KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

  1. Tonya says:

    So many women “wander” without discovery of themselves and/or others. Men do the same. An equal problem may be the discovery of these things without sharing them with anyone or exercising them. Very sad…

    • Lizzie says:


      Good insight.

      I agree. This is one of the reasons we should be in company with encouragers, with those who believe in us.

      In the past, I was just as you describe. Now I believe in the powerful interaction of Christians, and even others, who affirm who we are. And, equally important, to affirm the strengths and gifts in others. Another side: have the wisdom to affirm a person, and at the same time critique them.

      Thanks for your wisdom.

  2. Eric says:

    I heard someone say “only believers can be humble.” I don’t believe that. Humility and wisdom are not the exclusive traits of Christians. We can demonstrate pride and the lack of wisdom if we do not pay attention to all the sources of truth. (Unbelievers do not have an exclusive hold on foolishness.) So I affirm your phrase above “… and even others…”
    At the same time we as Christians should hold first and most firmly to the Lord and to our brothers and sisters in the Church. Ideally we hold on to the Lord before all else.

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