You are Here For This Place and This Time

You, a female persona, are an “exclusive” designed by your Creator. You are here for this place, this time with something significant for you to do. Seek for it and you will find it. The life you discover will be good, it will be acceptable to you and life with all its ups and down, triumphs and trials will end up giving you a sense of completeness. (cf Romans 12:2)

Barely more than a baby, I accepted Jesus at three (so my Dad and Mom said). Fearful when I was young, I “accepted Jesus” over and over just in case. When I became a teenager, my fear was replaced with assurance for my feet had been on a rock all along. Now my journey as a Believer has spanned more than sixty years. I affirm that the Bible is true. “Working out” what I understand works.

Believe that as a woman, you possess inner sweetness and beauty, a gift to you from the Creator. You possess a scientifically intricate brain and mind. You possess a head with all its intricacies connected to a body with heart and lungs, arms and legs and all the millions of parts that make up the autonomous, free person that is you: God created you as a spirit, soul and body. You have this one opportunity, one chance at a life to get right. Live carefully, who knows where you will go. Begin now who knows what good things you will achieve.

As a female in the image of God you need only a little polish and you will shine. You will be like no other. God creates infinite variety. All the mountain ranges and each valley has uniqueness, and each leaf and blade of grass. People too are unique as every planet and star. Have serious reflection and a reverence at the complexity of who you are!

You have the opportunity to become someone special and so glorify your Creator. Single, married, old or young it is you who must take responsibility to grow, to shed joy, share compassion, your female perspective and wisdom.

But you are not left to your own devices. The Guidebook is right beside you to check out daily.

Move forward, (not stepping over anybody, not leaving anybody behind) to achieve success; focus on your priorities and those “good works which God has before ordained that you should walk in them”. (Ephesians 2:10).

Do you have gifts you dream of developing? They are indication of the good works for you to do. “Wherefore, my beloved . . . work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” (Philemon 2:1)

You are made for significance.

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