Men “make the world turn” through the ambition, skill, power and steadiness they exercise. As an example: the manufacture and use of metals. The processes of development grew over time. The results have been mostly the work of men. Be impressed and grateful, for your life would be very limited without metals.

Bridges built long and strong, shipbuilding, steam engines, tracks, automobiles, and mining ore from miles into the earth.

Yet when women know the power and creativity of men, they must also be aware of their own power. Sure, a man could run a house, feed and nurture children; but this is where women shine. She shines in the profound, the compassionate and creative world of the heart, mind and soul.

Where women shine as a Counterpart: in the wisdom of her protective God-given creativity. She carries a child in her womb. She holds and trains in her arms and heart the future leaders of the world. She has ability to create in a more basic sense than men . . . and in another realm: Femaleness.

Femininity has a fundamental wisdom; it has compassion and vision. She demonstrates her strengths in an ability to keenly listen to God. She can, through the power of Scripture, the Holy Spirit and the giftedness given her, uniquely develop her strength inner conviction. She can share this with her husband, children and with the world. Her ability can be a force for stopping the process of evil, of bringing truth into the picture of life. She has the power to be courageous, if she will, and stand out in her gifts as a woman, a wife, a mother, an artist, a musician . . . in business, in science. She is often an ambassador, a designer and creator.

The point I make is this: allow your admiration of men, of your husband (a vital step) to blossom. At the same time, know your own personal power, your counterpart significance and strengths. Not in the sense of muscle power or aggression, but in the nurturing of your own personal feminine wisdom, gifts and opportunity.

You are a significant entity, a creation in the very image of God.

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