You and I can learn from historical women who stand out, whose lives still shine under the scrutiny of time. They fascinate us. The accounts of their stories are written to you and me to learn from.

Sarah was strong, opinionated and was free to express herself. And Sarah highly respected her husband, Abraham. She reverenced him. (I Peter 3:6) Her story shines through history beside her famous husband. Her notable beauty must have been enhanced from inside, because she is mentioned as being a woman of strong faith in God. (Hebrews 11:11).

Deborah was political, famous and powerful; she was chief Judge. She also was called “a mother in Israel”, the “wife of Lapidoth”. She shone beside her quieter husband because she remembered who she was. Her life was not about her, but her husband and her country. (Judges 4)

Esther was courageous and bold. With privilege and power as Queen she remained feminine and humble. Her life was “about her people” their lives and wellbeing. The King gave her unequaled power as a woman even setting her over the enemy Haman. (Esther 5:2)

In contrast to these look at the wife of Job. We do not even know her name. Her husband, Job, perhaps suffered more than any man on earth. But his wife did not support him. When Job went through deep trials and grief she said to him, “Do you still retain your integrity? Curse God, and die.” (Job 2:9)

Married or single, you are gifted for achievement. You can shine from the inside out as you discover your gifts and live wisely. Light up the world with your passion and initiatives. Be lit by the Holy Spirit as you grow.

You have a deep and abiding desire to be all you are created to be, to accomplish all you are created for. God puts that strong ambition in you. He would not instill it in you without a path to accomplish it.

We should always include in our plans, dreams and initiatives those we love, those who need our interest. This would be our family, husband and children. We can rise to the occasions of our lives and become like Sarah and Deborah and Abigail and Esther and Ruth!

Their lives of faith made them shine. You can shine too.

A captivating woman will make a difference. She will shine—even after her life is over—because her life was “not about her” but some noteworthy cause that moved her.

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