One of the hottest debates today is about you? One of the passionate questions in history is about you . . . how you “should” live as a girl, a woman, a wife. Even the word “should” implies coercion and control (“You should do this”, “You should do that”, “You should be this way” . . .).  We react. We know down deep that these decisions are ours to make.

No wonder we are sometimes afraid to even consider deeper; what did God plan when he created a woman? He completed the creation when she was made: “and God saw that it was good . . . ” It was good for the whole world, for the present and the future;  indeed for a future: “Therefore SHALL a man leave his father and his mother, and SHALL cleave unto his wife: and they SHALL be one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24)

The way many men treated women on the pages of the Bible was not God teaching them to marry many wives, abuse, beat a wife, a daughter . . . any woman.  It was wrong then, it is now.  The mistreatment of women through history perfectly proves God’s warning after Adam and Eve sinned. “He shall rule over thee” was not a command to Adam.  This was a warning directly to Eve . . . to all women.  Nowhere in the Bible does God tell men to control, teach, train or speak for their wives or tell them what to do! You, a woman, think capably because you are given this power.  You, a woman, create because God does.  If you are married, you are a guide and a ruler of a family.” That is because you care, you are capable and you are gifted. (I Ti.5:14)

You have amazing power to “make a marriage” because of your spiritual, intuitive personality.  You have equally amazing ability and satisfaction to “make a house into a home” because down deep, you care about this deeply and it is your style!

Think positively about who you are: a female, created in the image of God.  You have the essence of ability, creativity and influence! Don’t run fearing that God is “out to put you in bondage” of some kind (though there are religions and men and cultures who do)! “If the Son makes you free, you are free indeed” (John 8:36) . . .

Whatever else you do, whatever your style and gifts, you can bless your marriage and home because you keep your heart there.

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