I recently read an encouraging article by Wendell E. Miller, written in 1986. You can see this at: http://www.biblical-counsel.org/qa-12.htm. The article describes the relationship between Husband and Wife regarding submission. It was thoughtful and well-written. It expresses the roles of the husband and wife in marriage very well.

I agree with 98 percent of it but, have a slight reservation because of something that was unsaid, something that may have been implied. I wonder if Mr. Miller may view the husband as having the care of the wife in a very similar sense as he would care for his children. He did not say this and it may be unfair to Mr. Miller to suggest the thought.

In no sense is the wife “just another one of the kids”. She is an independent person like the husband. They both together have decided to honor God by entering into this permanent agreement called “marriage”. A man does not envelop a wife to make a marriage; husband and wife together make a marriage.

The husband does all the things Mr. Miller says and the wife does all the things Mr. Miller says. After marriage she does not become a ward in the same sense as a child. Indeed, she bares an equal yet different responsibility for the success of the family. Without her role there is no marriage.

Perhaps my sensitivity about the issue of over bearing men arises because of my relationship to Lizzie and the work she did by writing Submission Is Not Silence. Mr. Miller, after all, may agree with me.


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