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In our family (Lizzie and I) the domination of women is not an issue. I never thought it was right for me to dominate my Wife/Partner/Friend. I don’t associate with, nor care to associate with, any person who advocates the abject submission of women, or even the general submission of women.

It makes me sad that some men and some groups push domination of women. Some men take advantage of their strength and force-of-will. Some cultures promote subservience of women as the natural order of the human condition. Why is this so? I believe for many it’s simply a case of: “That’s the way it’s always been done.” It’s passed of from Father to Son and from the culture to the men.

Why did I not grow up thinking dominance was my right? I believe it’s because my Mother was an intelligent woman who knew right from wrong and saw it as her duty to pass this knowledge to her children. She required her children to act accordingly in her presence. I believe it’s because I never saw my Father dominate or be harsh to my Mother. My Father also would not let his children speak disrespectfully. I believe it’s because I live in this country and in this age where women have stood up themselves.


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  1. Eric’s attitude and philosophy was my catalyst for growth: he would not make decisions that were mine to make; therefore I must now take chances, think thoroughly. I was getting a sense of personal power, what my perspective and opinions really were. And now I must take responsibility for them. Instead of waiting around to be told what to do, I embraced the excitement of learning how to think clearly, responsibly and make decisions. It was scary and exciting all at once, but earning my husband’s respect was worth the risk.

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