A female, created in the image of God is a spirit, soul and body packed with gifts, inborn power and a temperament that becomes a unique personality. She is, in a way, supernatural; there is the option of interaction with God, in whose image she is created.

How can the mind be explored apart from the solid fact that her mind is her gift from God? She has individual power to think, create, interact with others and reach for a personal relationship with God. Through reading Scripture, acting on it, and worshipping God a woman (or man) will realize a unique direction and strength. Her life will take a unique form, whether married or not. She is a better person for this depth of personality development. She is also a better wife. Part of her innate power is to choose to grow in all of her abilities.

Every woman is created with the power of inspiration and initiative to add from her unique individuality to her world and her marriage. She is created to fill the void left vacant when God created a man. She fulfills the promise that “two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor.” She is the fulfilling of the expression of the image of God in mankind.

Every person is unique, but how is a female unique in a way a male can not be? What about your ideas? Leave a comment.

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