Posted on September 16, 2013 by Eric

I found the following in my Journal from 2007. I think it’s an important message here, in this blog:

Lizzie spoke this morning of women “leaving in their hearts” and going to the workplace seeking to have the advantages of men.

That caused me to think of two concepts:

A woman can “leave in her heart” and yet still appear to hold a traditional place, staying at home with her husband and children.

A woman’s heart can “be at home” and yet still have the appearance of leaving her husband and children for the workplace.

(A man can do both, as well.)

The first hates her husband, children and rues her situation; she sticks around but would rather be someone else, somewhere else.

The second loves her husband and children and is seeking the best for them, even above herself. But there is a reason she also needs her work. It may be the marriage’s financial state requires more cash. Or it may be that her family is secure and well cared for so she can reach for a fuller self-realization. Whatever her motivation, her mind and her heart are at home with her husband and children.

– Eric

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