When Your Husband Thinks You Need to be Controlled

There are despotic husbands all the way around the world, in every culture and religion, even Christianity.

You, as a married woman are designated by God, not as a lesser being or slave to your husband’s wishes, but you are “meet for him” (Hebrew: neh’-ghed). This means that your position is to stand in front of your husband as his counterpart. You are his equal opposite; “male and female created he them”. You make the difference as you contribute your female perspective to his.

Your powerful role as a female in the image of God is a holy calling.
When a husband controls his wife (telling her how to think, what to do, not do, who to associate with, stay away from) he disrespects the very woman who should be free to assist him. His despotic control destroys her initiatives, creativity, gifts and wholeness, when he is required by God to cherish her.

It feels like you are living with a despot, an adversary. You do have an enemy, but it is not your husband. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph 6:12) Your enemy is out to destroy your marriage.

But you, with a clear picture in your mind from Scripture can change everything. Slowly, respectfully your words and initiatives change and everyone around you must change to adapt. “She strengthens her arms.” Proverbs 31 tells you. It is figurative strength, spiritual power that resides in you.

Every person on the earth craves freedom and respect, wives included. That fierce emotion whirling in your heart against your husband, the utter frustration and anger against him, can be calmed in your soul by knowing that the LORD is interested in your plight. His wisdom is just a prayer away. He offers you spiritual armor to “do battle”; see Eph :12 thru 18.

“Handling” despotism from husbands will be the focus the next few Blogs. God warned Eve about her husband, “…he will rule over you.” (Gen.3:16) Since the Rebellion way back in the Garden of Eden your husband, (a “fallen” human being) will tend to “rule” his wife.

Develop this powerful character:

1. Be strong: know what you think and believe.
2. Speak the truth in love . . . courageously
3. Be respectful to your Head . . .no matter what. He will notice.

NEXT: Be strong: know what you think and believe.

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