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Others perceive him as one of the best of men, but when he heard the title, Submission Is Not Silence, he groaned aloud to my face. I’m glad he did; it got me to thinking. I imagine he thought, “Here is another feminist trying to pervert Bible teaching.”

Such men accept certain Scriptures as defined to them by other men, or by some Denominations. They think of, “Wives obey your husbands …” (Ephesians 5:22) while not considering, “Husbands, love your wives …” (Ephesians 5:25) They think of, “… and he shall rule over thee …” (Genesis 3:16) as a prescription for acceptable behavior rather than a warning about a character flaw caused by the disobedience at the Garden of Eden. It becomes very important to them to establish themselves in the dominant role.

When this is extreme, it can lead to domestic violence. When prevalent in a society it can lead to slave trafficking.

Much of the time his wife is submitting. She is washing, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children. . . . If she works, she is also providing financial support. If, in all this activity, she clearly identifies a better direction to go, a better way to spend the money or a wonderful opportunity, should she not share it? If she does, some men perceive this to be disobedience.

A husband will finally drive his wife away if he continues in anger, bitterness and frustration because she will not “submit to me”. Because he is harsh, either she will be up and gone, or she will withdraw her emotional and physical support. Maybe when she is gone it will dawn on him that, while running a household with little or no help and making a house a home, she was indeed growing spiritually. Maybe she was the only one keeping the home fires burning.

While the man I referred to above is not so severe, he has such a wife. She is staying around. She is gifted; she reminds me of the wise woman in Proverbs. Some women may not have a husband who cares about listening. His position is more important to him than her support and comfort. I wonder if his prayers are hindered?

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