What Submission Is Not

The book Submission Is Not Silence deals not as much with what submission is, but with what it is not.

It is not having to agree with your husband, when you do not. That is dishonesty. That does not provide him the complementary perspective. The marriage may need it. He may not have thought of what you are thinking—and may be grateful for it. By providing the complement you are the second half of the two becoming one flesh.

It is not refraining from action when the action may save lives. Read about Abigail in 1 Samuel 25:3-35. Her husband, Nabal, was an evil man and would not listen to council. Her “disobedience” saved the lives of many.

It is not failing to do a mission God has obviously provided. Deborah did not forsake her position as a Judge in Israel. Esther used her position as Queen, and her wits, to deliver her people from Haman.

It is not forsaking the gifting God has provided to certain individual people. Lidia was a Seller of Purple, a merchant of a high-end product in a male dominated market (Acts 16:14); Tabatha was a generous woman who manufactured clothing. (Acts 9:36-41)

These women were not rebellious; they were yielding to inspiration from within.

There are other situations where married women not only need not, but should not submit. Can you think of a few? When should a woman submit even when it’s hard?

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