OK; you may not agree that yesterday brought two miracles, but I had two indications that God loves me and is watching out for me.

It was ninety-four degrees in the afternoon; I decided to ride anyway. As I left, I said to my hubby, “It’s hot out there!” One of my favorite biking destinations is a bike trail station: 22 miles round trip. I started out very aware of the sun and the heat.

Ten minutes into the ride, a huge, soft black cloud hovered in the west, the direction I headed. Before two miles it started to sprinkle. A text to Eric: “I’m going to turn back; it’s starting to rain.” He responded, “The rain has stopped here.” It was cool now, a breeze encouraged me on. The cloud covering the sun stayed so I rode side streets five miles to the Trail.

The Trail was wet! It had rained, come and gone . . . somewhere. And that cloud still covered the sky. All the way to my turn around and back to our patio I was cool and dry.

It was then I noticed that my lanyard with keys was gone. I kept it in the bike seat pack. It must have slipped out after texting my hubby when I put the cell phone in to keep it dry.

I was sad and mad at myself . . . Eric and I retraced my ride in the car, but didn’t find them. I prayed over and over, “Seek and you shall find…” When we got home our insurance agent called. “A man has found your keys. You can call him…” and he gave me the phone number.

I had attached a small tag to the lanyard with the name of our insurance company, the phone number, and our personal insurance number. A kind, good man out biking himself had found my keys and called the insurance agent. I knocked at his door; he answered and put my keys into my hands.

I thanked him. I thanked God.

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