“Every wise woman builds her house: but the foolish plucks it down with her hands.” (Proverbs 14:1)  Read this both literally and figuratively.   Add your ideas, imagination and vision; make it happen.

Your power is there, built into you.  You care about having a domicile that is warm, meaningful, safe:  a home.  You can do this .  .  .  and you don’t need more than you and God to accomplish it.

When Eric and I married, we lived in the thirty-five foot trailer that we rented for $60.00 a month.  That price was good because the electrician’s helper salary Eric began with could not have stood more.  I didn’t work and I was sick pregnant.  Finding me this way my older sister (married for seven years by then) told me to make a home for Eric or I would lose everything I dreamed of.  “With what?”, I said, sitting discouraged on the front steps of our trailer home.  “With what you have”.  My sister’s reply was both a crises moment and a light to my path.

Now, forty-two years later, with much hard work and trial and error, I look back; I say “Girls, come this way.  Gather your strength and don’t give up”!  My heart and my sister told me then it was right to do my best for my husband and our children.  Now I know it!

Sure, you are sometimes restless, afraid the world will pass you by! Calm the storm by telling the Lord, “The world doesn’t have answers that teach me to build my house, but You do.”

And your future is secure as God is!

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