Your heart can be prepared for disappointment if you walk with God. You can have guidance to do what is right – because in your head you have grasped what that is from Scripture. This can be true even if your husband seems to do everything wrong.

When your heart is overwhelmed your Father in Heaven will give you the faith to believe him. Crawl into his lap and listen. No matter how bad life may be at times draw near to Him. Know what you believe, fortify your philosophy and determine you will obey God. It’s a mindset.

Our marriage drew close to the rocks at the fifteen year point. Eric wasn’t listening, and I was angry. I drove north alone. The car coughed now and then and I didn’t care. I put four new tires on the over-used credit card, and I didn’t care. It was God and me. I would follow God no matter whether Eric did. I would never leave God.

What would Eric do? As it happened he was thinking the same thing. He determined to remain with God no matter what I did.

We came back together, more to honor God than for any other reason. Through prayer, reading Scripture, listening and learning to allow the other to be who they were our marriage cemented itself together. After time it became better than it ever was, and continues to improve. Sometimes we wonder how much better it can become.

It still brings a feeling of sadness in my soul. But it was worth it all. In the end the crises taught me my husband was as dedicated to God, to me and our sons, as I was to them. What did that marriage crisis do? It showed me it all would work together. It gave us an exhilarating sense of victory.

You do not need a spiritually “in tune” husband to grow yourself. You do not need a Christian husband to grow. The LORD is all you need, not just to survive — to thrive! Too many wives break away from God when their marriage goes down hill. This is not the way to your happy future. Only determining to walk with God brings hope! God is good; He will be with you.

Get alone with God every day of your life. Read the Bible. Pray in good times and bad. Respond to his initiatives and He will reward you with a life worth living. When you stand before God in the end, when all of this is over, you stand alone with Him.

Our marriage grew from very hard to very good. From questioning everything to a comfortable state of believing, our faith has grown as well. We are not special people, but following God works like a miracle.

It took years to find what I believe; maybe I can save you some time. Crawl into the lap of your heavenly Father and listen to what he says.

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  1. Virginia Knowles says:

    Hmm, I was thinking it would be nice to crawl into my husband's lap, too… That's what I thought you were talking about when I saw the post title. Not quite as spiritual, but still a great idea for reconnecting.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Hey, wish I'd thought of that. Good one. Thanks, Virginia

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