Your decisions in this world will sometimes be difficult. The hardest ones seem to be the “50/50” variety. I remember one of mine. When I visited friends in Texas as a single girl, a question came up: Should I stay and get a job? Should I return home? Both options seemed they could be the right way to go: be independent, or be cared for in the family. But either decision might turn out to be wrong. We all have those crossroads.

Calculate the risk; take time to analyze both sides of a question . . . compute, deduct and work out both sides of an option as best you can. Think of the consequences! Then make the decision and stand by it. “Don’t doubt in the dark what you believe in the light.”

If there is obvious right or wrong, the choice is clear: choose the right. Do the right thing and the outcome of your decision will be “God’s fault”; He takes responsibility for you.

What is right and wrong is not always clear though, so a phrase from Philippians 3 will give you comfort, “If in anything you are otherwise minded, God will reveal even this to you.”

God will bless you and comfort you through challenging days. I stayed in Texas for six months at a job with TransCold Trucking Company in Dallas. I worked in a cushy office upstairs with the executives. But, after a while, I had the sense that going home was what I should do. I went home — and Eric walked into my life.

I made a good decision.

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3 Responses to THIS WAY, OR THAT?

  1. shannon dvorak says:

    Hi Lizzie –

    Good advice – clearly presented. Women like you are sorely needed in the church these days…glad you’re in our part of the Body! I love your message – keep speaking it.

    Hugs –

  2. Lizzie says:

    Glad to have you along. And thanks for affirmation. I hope you will check out “You Are Beautiful, You Know” too.

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