This note from the administrator.

I do not post all comments submitted. These are four reasons for blocking a submitted comment:

— The comment does not relate to the subject of the post or to the general intent of this website.
— The comment links to an unrelated or offensive website.
— The comment is an obvious attempt to generate commercial traffic.
— The comment uses careless or poor English and does not appear to originate from a sincere foreign visitor. (I would not reject a comment from someone who appears to be sincere.)

If you wish to contact either Lizzie or me, the administrator, you can always email us at You can use the link at the bottom of the page to initiate the email.


About Admistrator

Eric is the administrator of this site. Most all of the posts, however, were created by Lizzie, author of Submission Is Not Silence. Sometimes I put up posts for her and forget to change the poster's name from mine to hers. I hope you enjoy and are inspired by what Lizzie writes.
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