As Eric and I brought up three sons, our family felt complete.  I was brought up in a family of ten; a family of five was just right!

All the years of doing our best to be parents kept us so involved that I didn’t think of what having daughters would be like…until now! The girls added to our lives, as our three sons got married have brought such happiness that I must commend these girls today!

The first to enter our family was Kristen: she married Josiah after he was transferred to Texas from Afghanistan in the Navy.  She has such a gentle spirit, that her powerful gifts surprise you; many of them stem from her computer skill.  She makes things happen.  Their four children are participants in those abilities as we see them grow via pictures from our distant State.  Kristen has been in the trenches, so to speak, with four children, Jonah, Lydia, Isaac and Annabeth.  She focuses on them and on her Husband as if all of them are “the only one”!  She is a wise, loving, fun, wife and mother!

The next to bring a treasure into our Clan was Joshua.  He married Tania:  who is both deeply wise and honest with such compassion, you feel blessed when she speaks.  She is able to do many things at once (like care for sixty people in her home for an evening).  She has a big world and she handles it in stride. Her gifts as a teacher are amazing as there is always a technique ready to bring the student around.  She and Josh are thoughtful and loving and seem to be the center of a large world…Their three girls, Becca and Jessi and Tamra are blessed!

Roxy and Zach married last.  He found her when he was doing routine banking…and just couldn’t forget that girl.  He sent her a note…she responded.    Roxy has intuitive wisdom, she is a communicator, and ends up saying or writing what she thinks: her care for making a big family close and communicative goes a long way in creating a family that feels special.  When Lilly was born seven years ago, another communicator was born.  Roxy’s interest in medicine and pharmacy began when she donated one of her kidneys to her mother…and so all of us continue to be enriched by all the rest of us.

I must tell you:  they are an answer exactly to our prayers.

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