From the Chief Adviser (Eric is my husband):

I have often heard of the word “covering” used in Christian teaching. Its use is to describe a father or husband as a protector of his wife and children. The word “umbrella” is also used. I’ve heard people say a man is a “covering or umbrella” to his wife, daughter, sister. . . some of these teachings seem to bridge over to the topic of submission—submission in the sense of unquestioning obedience.

I agree that men should protect the women for whom they are responsible. I think it is right and honorable for a man to be the protector, covering—umbrella. But some men get it wrong and turn the umbrella upside down.

By the way, I can’t really see the connection of “covering” to “protection” in the Bible. Is this because I read the King James? A couple scriptures that come somewhat close are Genesis 20:16 and Isaiah 30:1, but the contexts are uncomfortable. Can anyone tell me where the connection between “covering” and “protection” is? If you can’t find that, you certainly can’t find a connection to “umbrella”.

upside down umbrella

How some men conceive of the “umbrella of protection”

How some men conceive of the “umbrella of protection”

This is re-posted from February 2011

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