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I posted a blog in September that generated many comments. Its title was “GOD DID NOT SAY TO WOMEN IN EFFECT SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.” It seems to have touched an area I have not considered in Submission Is Not Silence. The book addresses the problem of submission being a harsh put-down of women. Yet there are many women today (thankfully) that have not experienced the suppression of a husband, father or pastor. They, perhaps, do not see the need for such a book. But I have conversed with many who have experienced submission that has been injurious to them or to other women they have known.

Often we do not see the oppressed among us. We do not see them because we do not know the personal tragedy that lies behind the scene. For example we do not know the Wal-Mart clerk or the janitor who may be struggling just to feed his or her family. Is there a grave sickness in the family of the one who just sold you your Chick-Fil-A?

Is there a woman near you who hides the demeaning and despotic control of her husband because she is ashamed? Does she hide it because she must be “loyal to him”? Are there women in churches who hear finger-pointing sermons that say, “Make sure you submit to your husband”? My close friend has suffered a long, cruel marriage in such a church. The control of her husband has left her personality weakened and sad. He has been given permission from his church by this narrowed doctrine of submission. It is narrowed because it goes no deeper than “submit, submit, submit” and leaves out “love your wife”. It is an insult to God and injurious to women he created in His own image.

I hope the book will be a source of light, hope and encouragement to the unreasonably suppressed, to those who have had their gifts bullied away from them. Perhaps it will help the blessed among us to recognize and uplift the timid sister who has experienced it. Perhaps God can use it to strengthen marriages and churches by encouraging women to fully engage.

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