The Science of You

God commanded husbands to make a science of understanding their wives…or their prayers would be hindered (see I Peter 3:7, ”Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge (study, as a science) giving honor unto the wife…that your prayers be not hindered.”). This is how important you are as a woman; you are significant in God’s sight.

Women are honored from beginning to end in the Bible, (though many times in its stories men did not honor them). God created you with inborn qualities as a woman: they are a balance of personality traits, spiritual sensitivities and perspective that are complementary to a man. Your body and charm and warmth will always fill the void in a man’s otherwise stark existence – especially as you grow good and wise.

Though you will always be “on this side” of the male and female mystery, you can be secure in your femininity which is you created in the image of God. (See Gen 1:27: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”) You add compassionate sensitivities, intuitive wisdom and perspective. This is usually a counterpart to a man’s way of looking at things.

Nowhere in Scripture does God tell a man to control his wife or command her or even tell her what to do. It is you God speaks to about your life and wholeness and how to create a successful future.

What do you think?
1. Do you feel important enough to be studied as a Science?
2. Do you believe that there are unalterable traits in you that are gifts from God?

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2 Responses to The Science of You

  1. marshkay says:

    Yes, first I do feel important enough to be studied because of the honor bestowed to me by my heavenly Father and by His Son, Jesus, who consistently gave honor and esteem to all women. And secondly, the way a husband makes his wife feel important is to intimately KNOW his wife: which requires his desire to study her attentively with respect. The result: his accepting, remembering, and honoring his wife's individual personality, desires, gifts/talents, quirks, needs, or favorites. A higher degree of the studying of his wife is the anticipation of her needs and meeting them, which is a love language for a wife.

    As unique as a fingerprint are a woman's ways and her husband shows her his love by honoring and respectively knowing her well. She has, by God's divine plan, been given the very talents, perceptions, intuitions, discernments, insights, or abilities that her husband lacks and vice versa. But he shows respect to her by the use of these God-given gifts without his feeling competitive or lower than she. Together they best represent God's image. Together they are stronger than apart. They do compliment one another, which is God's wise plan. If a man were completed by himself, he would never have need of anyone else, it would not be good by being alone, and he would grow more self-centered. So, I believe, a woman is given by God's grace to save a man from himself!

    In Gen 2:23 "She shall be called Woman (ISHA) because she was taken out of Man (ISH). They shall become one flesh." Christians best represent to the world (or even to the Church) God's completed, perfect image when husband and wife sucessfully work side-by-side to become intimately One in marital unity, honor, and respect. It's the "becoming" that is difficult! It is dying to self to bring value to the union to honor God. And it takes both to accomplish this.

    God doesn't allow control on either party. Control is as witchcraft to God as we are all given free-choice by Him. Willingly submitting to one another in humility is the goal. (1 Pet. 5:5)

  2. Lizzie says:

    Marshkay: Insightful comments. The "control" topic is an important one; I'll discuss it in a future blog. Lizzie

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