When our family of ten traveled the forty-eight states in ministry, I had severe acne on my face. It was humbling to me. Standing before audiences of every kind, smiling, singing and doing my personal best was only to fulfill my calling, do my duty. The pain was sometimes more than emotional, as hard, purple eruptions came and went. Beyond skin adhesions, one side of my face twitched from the tension of the life we lived. More than once I thought of hiding and just not do this. My challenge was to obey the ministry and vision of my parents.

It took years, even into our marriage, for the healing to happen. Eric married me anyway. He said later that he believed in me. He thought I would make a good wife.

I did not feel beautiful. I could not do anything about my condition. As the years went by I grew to believe that God was working something inside me through this hardship. I began to work on me. It was a process, for sure, but it began to happen — from the inside out.

Beauty needed to become part of my character expressed through who I was first. Beauty and graciousness needed to go deeper. My journey became intentional.

In several books in the Bible is information about nutrition, health and beauty. It is scientifically accurate and affects spirit, soul and body. Even when we are struggling with our health, our fitness is on the skids and the way we look is not as we wish, maybe we’re in a wheelchair or bedridden, there is wisdom for every woman to grow to become her best self. All of us are less than perfect, still we may walk this journey of discovery. We can allow God to enlighten us. We can “listen” to His voice. Insecure and sad, sick emotionally and physically my mind and body needed the benefit of new information and new direction.
It doesn’t matter what we did yesterday, how we messed up, today is a new day. We are still alive. There is reason for hope; “For we are saved by hope . . . ” Romans 8:24

You are part of God’s created world filled with such diverse beauty that it is unfathomably more than meets the eye.

Look through the telescope and beauty stuns you to silence; no two stars are the same. Look into the world beyond the naked eye, into a microscope, and see the order and beauty there. Go higher or go deeper, and still the beauty amazes.

Let me repeat it: you are born to beauty. It can grow deep in your character so that beauty shines through your eyes from a sincere soul. It warms another by a real smile or outright laugh. Beauty is sharing yourself and your gifts and strengths. Maybe you are a professional and your service blesses others; or as an everyday person you share something from an inner gift.

Beauty rejects the damaging effects of envy, jealousy, hatred, bitterness of soul. Beauty cannot be measured, compared, judged or designated. It is a creation of Almighty God. Beauty is inspiration from Him. “He has made everything beautiful in his time; also he has set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God makes from the beginning to the end.” Wow! Put your existence, (the person who makes up your spirit, soul and body) in this thought. If you believe that you are in God’s image, you can know that you matter: you are potentially amazing and beautiful.

Think positively about yourself, your gifts, and your potential. If you think about accomplishing your purpose, you are on your way to being beautiful.

The Bible exhorts us not to measure ourselves or compare ourselves with anyone else. Work on you: your spirit, your soul and your body. Think in terms of fitting into the plan of creation. Work on you. It is the one life you have to invest for your God and yourself.

The path to beauty of spirit, soul and body is: truth, knowledge, vulnerability, humility. It is learning, reading and contemplating the Bible, good books — and putting it into practice. It is study from wiser, gifted, truthful teachers, (those you know well enough to believe in them; “By their fruits you will know them.” Matthew 7:20) It is listening (really listening) to those around you.

Women have innate desire for beauty . . . to be beautiful. You can do one of two things: destroy it, or polish it. ” . . . that our daughters may be as cornerstones, (in the sense of prominence), polished after the similitude of a palace.” Psalm 144:12

Dear Reader: in the next few episodes help me think about what the Bible says about women, health and beauty.

Do you think God cares about how you look?
Is your personality development and sense of style important to God?
Does the Bible have anything to say about your health?

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