The Need to Know

Talking with a friend by phone, I began to realize that the topic I have chosen to be “obsessed with” is really way beyond me. How does one address the topic of women and their lives and best interests and cover it! How can I inspire them all?

Women . . . are a deep and broad and fascinating subject!

If you have not experienced the harshness of having your life controlled by religion, by husband or father (as many other women have) you may not realize that there is still a “need to know”.

Ask these questions: Who am I? What is my role as a female? (Do I have one?) What should my world and life look like? Once we are curious enough to open our minds to the possibilities, and unafraid enough to seek for good answers, our lives will focus. We will be hungry to know more. We will become visionaries.

There is a persona for you to learn about:  innate femaleness, the female equal and counterpart role to males, inborn unique gifts to discover and polish. Beyond this your temperament and gifts and dreams are all part of your personal journey through life. If you choose to be filled with the Holy Spirit, you have power and usefulness beyond yourself. Your life will change.

After money and finance, the way you live as a woman is the most hotly debated topic on earth! Some women must learn to rise above the demeaning control of others, some of us were always affirmed and encouraged from childhood on, but all of us can rise to the occasion of our lives!  We can (still with respect for all around us,) step up and play our role on the stage of life: when we do, we will never go back.

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