Do you know that one of the hottest debates in all of history is about you? One of the great, serious, discussed, fought over questions of the ages (after the question of who Jesus is) is you. A woman, a female, a girl who is, according to the Bible, “the weaker vessel” in I Peter 3:7.

Does this mean a woman is less significant? To please God must you be under the control of a government, a father, a husband, or a religion?

No. Although women have about half the muscle mass of men by normal body weight and size they can use what they have with as much personal effort as any man. I was an aerobics instructor. When I trained weekly, my husband, Eric and I went to the gym regularly. I worked as hard as he did, spent the time, did the moves and tried to grow in strength. As we trained, the weight he lifted was double mine. As he grew so did I, but stayed at lifting half the weight. I tried just as hard, but got half the results.

No, you are not weaker mentally, lesser in giftedness, less significant. Think of your place in the scheme of things. It is not arrogance to know that you make the world turn, just as much as men do: very much according to your strengths and gifts. Some things that you do, most men cannot, or will not, do not do. Your gifts will be uniquely “you” and your tendencies your own.

It is your personal opportunity is to be in constant and direct relationship to God as every other living human being. “For there is one go between God and a human being, the man Christ Jesus.” (I Timothy 2:15) More than a privilege, it is your responsibility to go directly to Jesus Christ, Savior of the world. It is your opportunity to go to God through Scripture to know what you can know through the wisdom given you. You will end up thinking wisely from this beginning place.

If you are married, part of a group, part of a class, a society, a Church you take in the information from your influences. But, with a respectful attitude, you have the responsibility to offer your opinions into the mix.

What a difference there can be between a free woman and a woman controlled by someone else: told what to do, caged in . . . a woman who has never learned to think freely and creatively. A free woman who is filled with the Spirit is a thinker, creator, developer of both her character and gifts: her inner and outward self. She is a builder of herself, the men in her life, the women around her and her community.

This female, who is created in God’s image, is the consummate inspired, inspiring, visionary. She is respectful and respected. She makes the world around her unique and brings joy into it. It is because of the depth of her God given personhood.


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