As a woman you can take only one side of the male-female mystery.  When, as a woman, you follow the commands of Jesus it is not a total mystery.  You can be successful in your world.  Jesus, after all, promises joy and love when we stay near.  (John 15).

Consider the personalities of many good men, they can be: strong, determined, forging ahead to the next frontier.  They can build skyscrapers and forge miles deep into the earth for minerals.  They do this well!  They do the heaviest, hardest jobs.

In music, math and science the male-female gifts may come together, but the uniqueness, the differences when God created “male and female” go deeper.  There, there is difference.

Many men are single minded; many women are not.  We women have sensitivity to emotional, relational wisdom that seems uncanny . . . it is innate.  Because it comes so naturally to us, men may doubt the wisdom of female perspective.  It takes courage and respectful push back to win the respect for your femine point of view.  If you are bent on obeying the commands of Jesus, your character will develop wisdom and strength and you’ll learn to trust your instincts.

You make the world better just because you are here.  Your strength is perspective and wisdom that should be added to the discussion.  Trust it! “Does not wisdom . . .  put forth HER voice?” (Proverbs 8:1).

When good ideas from you and your husband merge the best wisdom “comes to the top like cream.” But it will not happen unless there is “. . . submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.” (Ephesians 5:1)  So the importance of the male and female perspectives merging becomes critical in the well being of marriage, family, country and the world.

You will know your value if you are ever in a world where no women are around!  “Who can find a virtuous woman, for her price is far above rubies . . .  “

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