Single women and married women are in the same place when it comes to their relationship with God.   “There is neither male nor female, you are all one in Christ.” A Christian woman is accountable to God first, listening to God through Scripture, her conscience, the teaching of the Holy Spirit.    How is she much different from anyone if she is diligent to discover her gifts, opportunities and passions; if she lives responsibly,?  

Sometimes single women feel somehow disadvantaged because they are not within the classic American Dream relationship: marriage.

But a woman can hear from God, one as well as another, a woman as well as a man.   Useful lives depend on God and the inspiration He gives.   Scripture is written to all human beings equally.

Both a married woman and a single one is similarly responsible . . .  to acknowledge that God has written the Scriptures to them and to live them out as best they understand.  All women are created in the image of God, with a spirit, a soul and a body; with personality, gifts and opportunity.  All have this awesome privilege to “be human” and initiate who you are to your world.  No gifts of the Spirit are specifically for male or female.

The big difference in married and single women is the extent of the vision and burden: if married you now have a bigger responsibility than your own life and opportunity: your vision should be to make this marriage the best it can be.  Marriage is two who become one; and you are an equal one. 

If you marry, the picture in your mind becomes clear over time: it includes your husband who is blessed (or hindered) by your life, it includes a house you build (or not).  In this sense, building your house is being a wise woman who is loyal and encouraging and always on his side from your heart .  .  .  loyal though not pretending agreement when you do not.  “Building your house” means setting your marriage up for success by “speaking the truth in love”.  Note that a woman is “ruler of the family” and God gives a woman this power and ability and know-how along with the desire and gifts for it.  (I Ti 5:14)

As a consequence of your work toward personal success as a woman and a human being, your husband may also succeed beyond his own ability and dreams (if he is a man of wisdom) because you are by his side.

A single and a married woman have similar opportunity to “go for it” and succeed.  “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” 

Just look at the life of Wangari Maathai (1940–2011) of Kenya.  The culture was against her, she was a single mother, she was demoted as professor, though she had a Ph.D.   The corrupt government fought her at every turn.  Yet she led the “common people” through the Green Belt Movement to stop the ravaging of land and waterways, together they held the political powers accountable for their evils . . .  and she won the Nobel Peace Prize (2004).

But just who is “common”?  No one!  We are created in the image of God and can say “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” (Phi.4:13) There is nothing that can hinder you if you are doing what is right, noble and good because God empowers you.

Single women sometimes feel they are in a different realm than married women.  Yet married women sometimes think their husbands are holding them back from growth.

Neither should happen.  All of us are created in God’s own image, Genesis 1:27, and this is the essence of power and vision and opportunity: single or married.

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