Your counterpart perspective as a woman is the other point of view in the world and in your marriage. Your female perception creates balance to prevailing thought.

In dark ages women lost their privileged position as equal, but it is not so in the message of the Bible. Was equality lost to them because women themselves did not understand their significance and step up? Did our mothers not know that they possessed a vital perspective in their marriage, in the culture, in the world?

It was not God or the Bible, but a human element within the Church that removed the privileged position of women. The culture followed with demeaning control and regulations.

How did women lose their power: the right to own land, to run a business, to education and personal direction? No right to vote in elections rendered them powerless. How did they lose respect over the centuries when God in the beginning created them also in His own image? For women as for men, passion, vision and personal initiative comes from within. When, at last, they spoke up and spoke out their words were convincing.

Women recognized a “still, small voice” within themselves: it came from God and would not be silenced: their initiatives and passionate perspective was vital and must be given freedom of expression. Women themselves spoke up; cerebral and convincing their voices were heard; “does not wisdom cry and understanding put forth her voice.” (Proverbs 8:1)

In early Biblical history, it is clear that female opportunity, power and perspective was normal. It is described prominently in the middle of the Bible. The Book of Proverbs describes her. Proverbs 31 gives a detailed description of a wise woman. Self directed, she buys and sells real estate, runs more than one business, and takes care of her household and family. Her husband raves about her.

The individual initiatives and gifts of women changes everything adding to the counterpart giftedness of men. From ability and authority in her household and in the culture through business enterprise and influence, a wise woman has always had the support of Scripture.

Behind closed doors she builds her house, the New Testament calls her “ruler of a family”. (I Ti 5:14) Her care creates positive happiness there – – Every person is nurtured and loved, learning how to live well. Ideas, attention to detail, culture and vision: she is good at this. The effect is far reaching; “Every wise woman builds her house . . .” (Proverbs 14:1)

Husbands of wise women are set ahead and affirmed. You believe in him so everybody does; “Her husband is known in the gates when he sits among the elders of the land.” (Proverbs 31:23)

Without a wise woman houses are cold, dark places. But you’re a natural. Your ideas, your best self is all it takes. Your power is innate. Your privileged position is God given.

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