Earning respect, admiration and love from your friends, your family . . . and especially from your husband . . . happens because you have won it you have earned it.

Respect does not happen just because you are female. Maybe it should, but why not earn admiration, love and respect because you are growing in wisdom and smartz!

You can do only what you can do. Not everybody will like your persona, your style, no matter how hard you try. Still, make your effort to become wise, good, smart and savvy and you will be repaid admiration and respect.

You as a woman, created in the image of God, are an equal to every person on earth! You are equal to every other woman. You are equal to every man on earth. You are equal to your husband. In the sight of God (that is where your power and privilege comes from in the first place); you are a gifted woman and created in His Own Image.

What will you do with this power and privilege?

Grow confident. Grow wise. Grow to be a loving, giving servant to people. Learn your best look and style. Be careful with you: that person you will live within all your days.

Where respect begins as others interact with you, where it all happens, is with you!

SUBMISSION IS NOT SILENCE, subtitled Boldness from a Quiet Spirit came from a girl who was the most insecure you will come across. Now grown to seventy, a woman who is quite happy and looking outward to serve and love and respect the human race I have become the best I know how to be. All of us are Spirit, Soul and Body. I am looking to learn more about how Submission Is Not Silence!

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