You have a burden, your viewpoint is almost in your throat which you want very much to express. But you are quite sure that your husband does not want to hear it. Do you speak up? When an issue is clear to you, when you think it is vital, do you speak the truth to your husband? The danger is that you will not believe in yourself, your personal female perspective, with conviction enough to brave his reaction. Though it may not seem possible right now, with all this emotion swirling in your head, what is on your mind could build your marriage into a stronger relationship.

You think as you do for a reason: you are you, the only one like you. Additionally you are a female; your gifts, perceptions and background are unique. If God is a God of variety, you are proof. Moreover, this is exactly why you come up with the thoughts that you do; why you think differently from your husband — and why you so often surprise him.

You know already that in your marriage, he is “head”; you remind yourself too that you are “the body” — with the heart, arms and legs. You are the female in the “Two,” that God said, “shall be one”. (Genesis 2:24)

You believe down deep that your counsel likely will safeguard your marriage, indeed, your household.

What you say now might determine the future. Your ideas may plant seeds, ideas in him; they might change the course of the future. So you speak up, speak clearly, concisely and with respect. If a man reacts, it does not mean he does not hear. Eventually you will earn the respect of the most important man in your life.

Queen Esther stepped up. She knew she might die for this bold plan. Powerful men often do not tolerate bold, courageous, wise women. But she spoke up. Events were set in motion and her people were saved.

She spoke up. It worked.

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2 Responses to SPEAK UP WITH COURAGE . . .

  1. Tierra says:

    I really liked this post. It was short, but it gave me a boost of confidnece in expressing my female point of view to my own husband. Thank you~

  2. Lizzie says:

    Your husband needs another perspective; likely he wants to know what you think. My husband had to tell me that he could not read my mind. A revelation . . . and the point of view you come up with as a female is both a safeguard and a balance to his.
    I’m so glad you “got it”. Thanks for commenting.

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