You are a woman; then you are a magnet. You represent hope, as “light” in a dark world to a man.

You can be sure of this. Go back to why you are created in the first place: “male and female created He them.” You seek the love and affirmation that a man naturally gives because you are born with this craving.

Every man looks for a woman: will he be drawn to you? Except for those men gifted in celibacy, a man needs a woman. “It is not good that the man should be alone, I (said God) will make him a help meet for him.” Genesis 2:18

You are created for this.

You are created to fill a vacuum in the life of a man. You” help” him by believing in his destiny and encouraging it; the catalyst for creative thought. You are “meet for him” as you stand face to face as his other self, his counterpart, his equal. You already sense it in your soul. Trust this, feel it. Your innate female self is one half of a marriage relationship. Most men want a tiger by the tail, but a soft, cuddly one. You also will need female kind of strength, vision to go, do and become your best self as you live with respect and courage beside a man. You help him best when you know your significance. You confidently step up and become the woman who warms his heart and lights his eyes: adding your wisdom to his.

So, your job is to grow, “working” on being the best you now.

Assuming you already have accepted the Redemption work of Jesus Christ, you are born again: still there is work to do on your character. If you decide to grow, to be at the top of your potential God will guide you every step. You can reach for God; listen for His Holy Spirit who dwells inside. With the forgiveness of sins, you begin (once again) a start with a clean slate every time, every day, when you seek Him.

Living at your peak performance is an ongoing process, a lifetime of growing and changing and improvement as you work “on you”. Then when he shows up, you will be ready . . . to wait for his initiative. Remember this: a man is looking for a woman who ignites his love.

All of this process should be in connection with a positive hope in God who is good and right and honors women. It requires vulnerability, humility and the passion to be good.

If you will win a good man, be a good woman. Grow wiser and stronger than you are today . . . every day. Is it “supernatural” to rise above the mistakes, sins and stupidity we are capable of? The culture around you may not care; they may lead a haphazard life: but this is your life we are talking about.

It is in the design of creation that you . . . you personally . . . attract a man to you. When life seems “stuck” do something about yourself.

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6 Responses to SINGLE AND LOOKING . . .

  1. Tonya says:

    Nicely written article.

  2. Eric says:

    I want to add something from a man’s viewpoint. A single guy can sense when the girl is on a husband hunt and, if he’s like I was, he will avoid her. He will stick around if she offers friendship — some companionship intellectually and emotionally. With time the relationship may grow to the point where he thinks about the possibility of marriage. But he will know it if she’s making a show so she can make the catch.

  3. Emily says:

    Hi Liz,
    Tony & I are leaving for Peru today to offer a family and marriage seminar to the lovely people of the district of San Martin de Porres in Lima, Peru. Mark 7:8 and Romans 12:2 are keys in our approach…
    I enjoy your blog…and love you dearly,

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