There are motivations that naturally flow in you and out of you. They are so deeply planted in your personality that sometimes you hardly know they exist. Certain things you do over and over, but think “well, everybody does that;” “everybody thinks that” “that’s not a gift: it’s so easy to do” “of course I do that; doesn’t everybody”.

No, everybody does not, nor can everybody do what you are innately gifted for.

You will discover them if you are aware of something vital: your personality is God created and given. It is deep and broad and profound. Some are obvious abilities, some subtle “moves” of your persona that show up in the day to day course of your life. But some gifts in your personality are expressed in unusual circumstances. Some only show up under duress. And there are abilities, God given, that you are able to do in a crises or when the chips are down.

Where other people crumble you do not, as in: saving of a life by stopping the blood flow with a scarf torn from around your neck and making it into a tourniquet, or getting in front of an audience and expressing the grief of millions of girls caught in the slave trafficking crises, or adding the high notes to a volunteer choir that put it over the top and finally win the blue ribbon.

Who knows!

I discovered something about myself last week. Looking around to find a way to earn money, I tried selling jewelry in shows where women and girls congregate. I had every advantage: a group of capable trainers, a charming college student to come to my home for the first try out and “do the selling”. Ten women and girls showed up.

What I discovered was that I was deeply, and totally — and only — concerned with the interaction of all the women and girls. Were they feeling significant, important, included? Did they know that they were welcomed and were they meeting all the others? Were conversations going on in the room? Was her glass empty? Fill it and chat with her!

I awoke the next morning (sometimes clarity comes to me as I awake in the morning), and realized that I had never even thought of the jewelry, or the money I’d made. I forgot to learn how to fill out a bill. I didn’t learn how to talk up the quality of the jewelry or tell the girls about the “specials”.

My interest was deeply felt. In fact it moved me naturally through the several hours that we were together: how warm and welcomed did they all feel in my home?

We had a good time (at least I had a very good time). I was doing what I loved. My own fear of how well the party would go was lost in the fact that there was much I could do about how it went.

So, my question for you is: who are you? What is deep inside that can be brought up and used . . . it will be for God’s glory and, wonder of wonders, He shares the glory with you by giving you profound ways to express YOU.

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  1. Tonya says:

    I’m the same way… although I like selling, online selling is due to my writing and my photography, both of which I love to do. I enjoy “chatting” with my customers and am really thrilled when I can help them. It’s nice to make some $$ while doing so. We need to team up and start something. :)

  2. Lizzie says:

    Tonya, You are paying attention! All of our lives are an adventure if we “see” what is possible. What is possible becomes probable, if we go, do and become. Maybe it morphs into something we don’t even expect in the end. Now that is an adventure!

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