It is simply not true that God speaks only to men. Sometimes he does not speak to the man at all.

Before the birth of Samson (of Samson and Deliah fame) an angel appeared to a woman who would soon be a mother for the first time. An angel came to her personally, to announce the coming birth. The angel did not approach the father, who may have been a little jealous. The husband, Manoah, asked the LORD and said, “My Lord, let the man of God which you sent come again and teach us what we shall do . . .” (Judges 13:8) God had already told her what to do, there was no need to say it again. Nonetheless, God did send the angel again, and again he came . . . to the woman. God spoke to the mother of Samson twice.

Final decisions sometimes need to rest with husbands or fathers. Yet sometimes a woman is the originator of an idea. If it is a good, workable idea and a husband has learned to respect the complementary perspective of his wife, the process of coming to agreement encourages both of them. Both are learning the exciting freedom to speak up. Both learn to listen and both learn the balance. The wisdom is in the process even more than the outcome.

From women men learn the compassion, relational genius, and spiritual sensitivity innate in women. It is not God’s default mode to give a husband or father all the right answers. Sometimes there is another answer, another way and a struggle is sometimes required — with a husband and wife (or father and daughter) respecting the other.

Get in touch with the Bible, what it says, what it means; “When He the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you to all truth,” Jesus said to all of us. Then garner the courage to speak up, speak out, “speaking the truth in love.” (Ephesians 4:15)

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