Meekness is beautiful in the personality of a woman. By “meekness” I don’t mean weak, spiritless or tame. It is to be humbly patient. It is to be strong enough in faith in the design God made for your marriage to invest in your husband by telling him what you think.

Meekness is a mixture of gentleness and humility: this is not weakness! In a man or woman, meekness is beautiful. Moses was very meek, above all the men upon the face of the earth. (Numbers 12:3)

It is not “if” but “when” you have significant disagreements in your marriage that meekness shows up as an important quality. “Male and female created He them” . . . this is one basic reason for different ways of thinking. There will always be differences in viewpoint between a male and female. Their perspectives are innately counterpart, at times complementary, and at times part of a larger whole. A healthy disagreement can be invigorating in marriage if both expect it. To allow disagreement and handle it with a free spirited attitude is to say, “We are on the same side”. As your husband’s closest advisor, it is your privilege, (would you believe, even your duty) to speak the truth as you understand it.

There is a key next step: give your husband the freedom to accept or reject your advice (which he can not do if he does not hear it). He will be influenced by you: which is what he needs more than counsel from anywhere else.

Learn to disagree with charm and grace and you win a major battle in your own soul. You now have the courage to say what you think. A marriage built on two who speak the truth in love has a hopeful future.

Husbands and wives make the best counselors to each other (when they finally understand that they are on the same side). It’s OK to think what you think. Learn to anticipate and respectfully handle differences.

A wife, a husband who gives full consideration to the viewpoint of the other is obeying the Bible by “submitting one to another.” (Ephesians.5:21)

There is no place for manipulation or intimidation in a good marriage. Leave it far behind. As you do, both you and your husband will change. Your perspectives will grow closer. You already have the reflection of God. Look for it in your husband. Discover it inside yourself.

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  1. ~ linda says:

    Meekness is a mixture of gentleness and humility: this is not weakness!
    “Discover it inside yourself.”
    This is just what I needed to read today. My precious husband has been asking me to speak up and wants my input, my wishes, my needs. I am quiet to a point of being weak. BUT…I am learning. I am learning that I need to speak up and share in that gentle and humble way that God created me to be, just with words to let him know how I feel, what I need, what I need from him.
    I am learning!
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    • Lizzie says:


      God bless your husband! And yea for you! It is certain that one day we will stand before our Creator. As you stand there alone . . . to hear Him say, “Well done,” will be worth all the risks, all the courage we conjure up, all the growing pains.

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