This is Eric, Lizzie’s husband. Lizzie has breast cancer, as a few of you also do. If you do not (thank God) perhaps you know someone who does. I posted a blog about her cancer on my website, Below you will find the text of that blog:

My wife has breast cancer. A friend just wrote to her today, “My heart breaks knowing your life travel plans just got interrupted with this detour down the road of breast cancer.”

Being a man, and ex military, I tend to think of things in military terms. I think of Lizzie as having received “new orders”, “increased responsibilities”, or “greater opportunity through engagement in a tougher challenge”.

Though a “detour” speaks of a temporary alternative road, this is a new road God has directed Lizzie (and me, and the rest of the family) to travel. We thought we were going to California, but all along on God’s map the destination was Massachusetts. There is good stuff in California, but there is also good stuff in Massachusetts, perhaps better stuff, wonderful stuff.

The Bible speaks of “the peace that passes all understanding”. When I had colon cancer, and now as Lizzie has breast cancer, I think we have this gift, the gift of peace. We don’t feel fear, confusion, or apprehension. We know the future, although unexpected, holds good things for us. Maybe they will not be comfortable things, but they will be things through which we have the opportunity to grow. Growth is always more important than comfort and pleasure. Who wants to get to heaven and report to God, “I’ve had a lot of fun and pleasure, but I haven’t grown much.”

We will grow. And along the way we will have the fun and pleasure too

The friend who wrote above offers Lizzie her valuable support. She’s been there and done that. For fifteen years she has been on the road through Breast Cancer Country. She, and none around her would have chosen it, but she, and they, are the better for it. It’s easy to say, tough to do, but it’s still true.

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Obviously this has a great deal of meaning to us. Please leave a comment with your thoughts.
(Here is a link to the original blog: Lizzie Has Breast Cancer.


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2 Responses to LIZZIE HAS CANCER

  1. Pam Brunson says:

    You are a family of survivors, including Joshua. But I am so sorry that you will have to go through all the treatment. We will be praying for you! And may another inspiring book grow out of this. We love all Pents and Julins but Lizzie best of all. Ron and Pam

  2. Lizzie says:

    Pam and Ron:

    Your affirmation and love and prayers for us right now are priceless. Our love and prayers return to you.

    If we don’t believe that God is right and good now, then why believe it when times are good. Knowng He knows the end from the begining and He is Goodnes and love in truth, I will ask your prayers that our focus, faith and vision will grow and prosper. From walking this path, this surprise in the journey, that “…my glory may sing praise to Thee, and not be silent. O LORD my God I will give thanks to You forever.”Psalm 30.


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