Keep Your Heart at Home

There are those who castigate marriage as out of date. They shack up for a while, sometimes using a marriage ceremony, and then change partners. They do not learn from age old wisdom. Glimpse into their lives. Are they stable or disorganized? Do they have answers to the complexity of marriage, or only more questions? If they have riches are they really rich?

You will have great satisfaction within your marriage and home if you creatively build into it. If your heart is elsewhere your relationship may fall apart. You are the only one you have the power to change; you can do your part.

You are in a position to be “nourished and cherished” when you tell your husband how much you care by demonstrating interest in him and the house you build, setting it up your style, your best and the way you think it should be. Your interest and carefulness can make the difference. Home can be safe, a haven from storms outside: your warmth creates security in a thankless, cold world. You have always wanted to be treasured. It takes thought and vision, but you have innate ability to inspire it from your man.

As you grow and change all others around you must adapt. Your husband may have a quizzical expression, a question in his eyes, “What’s up? What is she doing?” But you will have the power of God on your side as you accept the challenge of “building your house.” It means to set up your home securely; your pad whatever, where ever that is. And it is also building with your heart; it is figurative: you represent comfort, empathy and caring. Your heart “shows” that you are interested in your home. Change begins at the heart level: yours can be the first. “Keep your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” (Pro 4:23) Guard it.

Without you, he would likely live under a naked light bulb in dreary surroundings. Men who year after year come home to a dark house, no one there often feel pointless; “The LORD God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.” (Gen 2:18.) “Meet for him” means a counterpart, mate, over against or before. You have the power to be his counterpart. With courage and thought you stand face to face in front of him. You have innate ability to give him comfort, hope. Your attitude, initiative and perspective are a safeguard for your home and future. You bring light, order and warmth. You add ideas, comfort, color and puffy pillows.

No matter how gifted you are, how needed elsewhere, how much opportunity is knocking…first keep your heart at home.

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• Is there a time when withholding your opinion will damage your marriage?
• Who decides what tiles in the bathroom, color on the walls? When does it become an issue that threatens a marriage?

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