IS Submission Is Not Silence A VENDETTA?

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Lizzie

I was told recently that the book I’ve written is a vendetta, that it is not what women need.

If I am accused of having a quarrel with the way women in the past (inside and outside the Church) were controlled and demeaned, yes, even today in some circles, I guess it is.

I do have a vendetta when women were not allowed to vote, own land, go into science, and certain professions. I do have a vendetta when a woman is supposed to, “stay where she belongs . . .at home only”. What about the wise women in the center of Scripture; spotlighted in Proverbs 14 and 31. She was wise: she loved and cared for her husband and family because she had them and knew that their welfare was very much in her hands – – and she was a business woman. She was free, respected and praised by her husband and children; she had it all!

When the art works of women in history are hidden: the discoveries, the acts of greatness, kindness and compassion are overlooked by the leaders because the creators of them are women, I have a quarrel with them.

I believe from my study of the Bible that there is a powerful life and contribution women are gifted to play in their lifetime. When they are free to express, the whole world is more balanced, whole and compassionate. All of us have just one life to live. The gifts and “brains” of women are given by God: opening up a vista for them – – the balance of power they may exert is exciting.

A female Radiologist, a beautiful, thoughtful thinker, told me that growing up she was told, “You are not submissive enough.” Yet she is a Harvard graduate, her background is stunning, her life useful. She helped me through cancer therapy.

Is it “lacking submission” to think what you think, to be thoughtful, to grow in your understanding – – indeed to become a modern day healer; a Scientist? What if she had stopped thinking because her scientific mind was not “submissive enough”? Is a Business woman out of place according to the Bible? Is a woman not submissive when she disagrees with the going trend of the culture, or even with her husband.

It is possible and right and good and to think differently, to develop and grow in your gifts, though no other person “sees” it or agrees. Submission is not giving up who God created you to be, though submission is certainly a valuable character strength when respecting your husband, and respecting those others who deserve to be respected.
You can be both a thinker and respectful. And so can every person!

I bear no grudge; I have no vengeance or retaliation in mind with the book that I worked on for more than ten years. It is a study of Scripture only. The book is an encouragement to women, showing their equal and counterpart power and role beside men. Both are created in God’s own image.

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  1. Dara Pent says:

    Hear, Hear! Well said! Your book is a wonderful source for women. God sent His son to save both sexes and He has given each of us gifts. Why would He give us gifts that we are not to use? Intelligence in a woman is no different than intelligence in a man – it is to be used by us to God’s glory, not ours. Thank you for your years of study!

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