You are the other side of the male and female mystery. Do you know your influence on the world, or the influence you can have? It is just because you are. It is the way you think. It is act. It is to perform that great service to mankind: “Does not wisdom cry? and understanding direct her voice?” (Proverbs 1:8)

Think of the world without you, or without the power, position and influence of your place in it. Think of a world of men alone: “it is not good that the man should be alone . . .” said God. (Genesis 2:18)

There is not a woman on earth who should accept the abuse or any sort of mistreatment of any man.

There is a way to “walk away”; just know that it is not your “lot” to have any sort of demeaning treatment from a father, a husband, a male who is in any part of your life.

Be wise. Learn your significance.

SubmissionIsNotSilence.Com is a beginning place to find knowledge. Grow in the wisdom and power God has created within you.

A thought: if and when you step up to assume your position as a female created in God’s image, you begin to hold the balance of power between women and men.

Mankind (that is, men) cannot be successful apart from the other dynamic: femaleness.

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2 Responses to IF WOMEN KNEW THEIR POWER . . .

  1. Eric says:

    A would with just men is a scary thought. I’ll bet, after the women were gone, the population would decrease dramatically over the next five years. . . . And it would not be because they would neglect getting their own meals.

  2. Eric says:

    Did I say “A would . . .”? I meant to say “A world . . .”; it’s so close, and yet so far away.

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