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Vanna’s graciousness and poise is inspiring. Night after night her natural smile brightens the screen as she walks onstage on the arm of Host, Pat Sajak. Then walking alone, she glides across the floor in yet another stunning gown; her eyes and smile seem to notice individuals, not the audience of millions watching her. She appears humble, focused on others. Her smile inspires women (she inspires me) to give away a smile, to uplift everyone around.

Yes, Vanna is beautiful. Beauty that goes deep, that discovers and shares inborn gifts is a beacon of cheer in an otherwise harsh world. When you initiate from the remoteness of your heart and soul the gifts God has “hidden” there, you are in your likely place to provide “bread, grain, victuals” to a sad, hungry world. The Wise Woman in Proverbs 31 was like the merchant ships, she was industrious, useful, bearing valuable cargo . . . something like Vanna White. You and I can also be poised, gracious, smiling, a positive version of ourselves going outside of our comfort zone and making something good happen.

Every woman is capable of being the Wise Woman in Proverbs; this is why the description of her is central in the Bible. A gracious woman is the same today as this historical woman; emulate her, even as many women across the country admire Vanna.

The wise woman is described in the Bible with flourishing admiration: first she delves inward discovering her God given potential. Then in unique, powerful ways, from those remote places in her soul brings valuable riches to the world.

“She is like the merchants’ ships; she brings her food from afar.” Proverbs 31:14. Look closely at the meaning of the words here:

She is (hayah; beacon) like the merchant (sachar’; travel round, trade) ships (oniyah; feminine; a ship); she brings her food (lechem; especially bread or grain, victuals) from afar (merchaq; remoteness; very far, distant place).

The possibility of winning “Vanna For A Day” is one in a (how many) million. But go to the remoteness of your inner self where only you and God can exist, learn from His Spirit, and the possibility of achieving success for you is one in one.

NEXT: in 2011 “Re-Understanding Submission”

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