I don’t know how to be sick.

Everybody but me knows that you don’t take Hydrocodone four straight doses without eating something.  Trying to escape pain while going through the night after the last surgery, I was giving my poor body a case of nausea I’d rarely experienced.

Thankfully my two sisters blew in the next morning . . . with chicken broth, saltine rounds, and flowers. Where did they learn all that! Where was I when they did?

They chatted with Eric several hours while I lay on the couch, zombie like, wrapped in my soft quilt. Why was I so sick just when they were here!? Then Char heated the chicken broth and Connie brought saltines: it was almost immediate revival. The nausea faded and the four of us were laughing about the past, telling stories about our lives and  . . .  I was alive.

The lesson here: when you take pain medication: eat! Dara, my sister-in-law in Tennessee, affirms that yogurt is easily good for coating your stomach in the middle of the night with pain medication. I’m doing it; I’m doing it.

The lab report from the last surgery showed no more cancer in the lymph glands. The surgeon removed six. The Oncologist said that the mass in my left breast was large and the sentinel lymph node had cancer. So my gratitude to God is great as is my gratitude to all of you who have prayed for me!

Eric and I are hovering now, trying to get strong: Eric from the seizure of last month and me from cancer.  My dream is to ride the entire West Orange Trail on my trusty bicycle. What is it, 22 miles? Maybe I’ll make it 44.

Only now I’ve learned something:  I cannot, by making a hobby of health, assure that I will have good health: God knows. God is in control. He is Creator of the Universe and creator of our health, yours and mine.

For a while I’m still on Hydrocodone and chicken broth.

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