There is a Label: “Christian Feminism”, why not just be “biblical”!

When I studied about myself and about who women are from the Bible I grew into a different person.  I understood then that I alone could contribute what no other person could to my husband, to our children and to our world.  And it came from the inside.

I knew about what is taught as “biblical”, and I knew about the history of women:  it didn’t match up with what the Bible actually teaches.

On that hill I nearly died, so to speak .  .  .  and nearly took my husband and three sons with me.  I was unhappy because of what I understood about my “silent”, “non-important” position as a female.  I was frustrated about what to do with the passion and strong opinions in my head and heart.

I guess I knew that I liked myself.  I knew there were gifts given me.  As I grew, (surprise of surprises) more gifts emerged from within.

For five years, I studied and read only the Bible about the doctrine of women.  After another five years Submission is Not Silence, Boldness from a Quiet Spirit was published.

What happened in my relationship with Eric, my husband, is mysterious:  we grew together.  He encouraged every thought, every move I made, every idea.  Over coffee fifteen years into our marriage, he said, “I never thought I had the right to tell you what to do”.  I stared into his serious, thoughtful, loving eyes.  He meant it!

It was after that comment that I discovered that nowhere in the Bible did God tell a husband to tell his wife what to do.  Nowhere did it instruct him to speak for her, tame or train her! And so I began to feel free to think for myself: it was the first time in my life that I did!

A lot of things have been said to me about the book, “This is not what women need”.  “What about submission? It’s in the Bible?”  But along with negative comments, there have been the positive ones which have made it worthwhile.  We self published for many reasons, but I’m glad we did.

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