What chemotherapy and radiation will do, the side effects, the long-term possibility of changes in my health and how I look certainly gives me a sense of pause. The third of four sessions of chemo is coming up tomorrow.

But you and I have one life to invest for God, ourselves and our husbands. Isn’t it fun to be and look the best we can? I think so: every time I plop my wig over my fuzzy head I feel instant glamor.

Today, (day before chemo) I rode my ten mile trek in an hour. Keeping my bike tires inflated, checking my watch, I’m only ten minutes slower than before cancer therapy.

Here is a Blog I wrote a few months ago. Tell me what you think:


When he takes your hand to walk across the street, is he glad he has you? The moment you step inside the door at the annual Christmas party, is he proud you are on his arm? Make your husband proud.

I was contemplating this idea as I drove to the large discount mall on the south side of town. I had some money, which was rare; and a few hours to spend shopping alone. Actually, it was the first time I could remember in my lifetime that those two factors came together. Late in the afternoon I came upon a discount Saks Fifth Avenue clothing store. When I had found a few things, I walked to the cash register. Ahead of me a young couple handed their purchases to the cashier. They spoke two languages: one to each other, and English with a strong accent to the check out girl. Their order was large; I looked down at my three pieces, and thought about dinnertime coming up very soon. I looked up when I heard the man bragging lavishly about his wife, “She is a beautiful, famous actress in Brazil. Everywhere she goes, she is known. She is too shy to talk about it, but she is very famous.” The young employees were duly impressed. I was standing right behind this beautiful woman, so I (surreptitiously) inspected her. She was wearing a simple navy blue sundress, calf length. Her black hair was slightly disheveled. She had a pretty profile, and wore little make up. She was medium height with a slim figure. Many women I know are as pretty. To her proud husband, she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

The next register opened up, so I hurried over to avoid waiting for the closet full of clothes to be added up. When I was home, getting dinner on the table I realized it: this incident was an illustration! I had just seen before me the reality of what I had been contemplating on the way over. Right ahead of me was the man every man deserves to be. He was glad he married the most wonderful woman alive.
What makes the “most wonderful woman alive”? Who cares about being the most beautiful woman in the world, there is so much more to beauty, real beauty, than the finest features. A classic face can not captivate if it represents an empty soul. Grow beautiful in spirit as you become all you can be; it carries through into the soul and body. Beauty is attitude, it is sweetness and charm, it is a clean body and charming, female clothes and shinning hair, it is achievement in womanly grace, it is growing in knowledge of important things, it is pureness of heart, and it is goodness. It is becoming all you can be, both for yourself, and for the man you marry.

The fruit of the Spirit looks good on a woman: Love, Joy, Peace, Long-suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness and self control. All of these character qualities come from within but show on the outside, on a woman’s face and form. They work like a miracle inside her marriage! You have but one lifetime to develop these. They last through eternity, and they are all the result of God working in you.

A palace that sits on a prominent hill and shines with its constant care and polish is like a beautiful woman. Her face glows with peace and integrity. Her heart is right. She is lit with brightness of personality like a bouquet of fresh flowers; it is the presence of the Holy Spirit in her. Others are drawn to her. Her husband must change for the better just to accommodate her.

Be the “famous Brazilian actress.”

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  1. Tonya says:

    Trying to be! :)

  2. Lizzie says:

    Your an achiever; I just saw you last week. Proud to be a friend.

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