Though control of women’s thinking and lives is still real in some circles, freedom of thought and expression for women is in the wind. Each human being has a perspective to add to the mix of life.

Good wives think! Their integral selves, personal history and gifts are the source of their ideas and perspectives. Thinking and yielding to that wisdom is their privilege and responsibility.

The longer I think on it, the more certain I am that “Submission Is Not Silence”. Silence can become a “cop out”. Women may fear standing up for what is right, true or just. Silence can be an excuse for a lack of courage or lazy thinking.

Good wives submit to their internal personal wisdom: they are opinionated, independent thinkers, yet interdependent and cooperative. They are dependent when it works.

If it is to counteract injustice, lying or racism, it takes courage to speak up. This is where a female creates her reason for being. This is where she creates her space. Personal wisdom comes from innate passion to pursue a calling. Speaking up means speaking up in the face of differing opinions. Submission is yielding to the wisdom of what she thinks.

If women, in some places, are told that speaking up is not submissive, that if she expresses an opinion she is out of place, then the person, or institution, or religion does not know the meaning of the word.

One of the best examples of submission is the woman who is loyal to her husband. She is on his side even when she disagrees. But she also steps up and speaks “the truth in love” to him, knowing that he doesn’t always want to hear it. She is convinced that what is good for him is good for her, what is safety for their future and home and family is the result of both of their best efforts.

She yields to that tug in her chest; she speaks up with the wisdom of the moment.

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