Joanne says:
I have finally finished the last few chapters of your book (but once again, not without tears! — you make the role of a wife sound so compelling) and have written my review. I hope you continue to sell your book and get your inspiring message out to the women who need it.

My Review:

Not only is Elisabeth Julin’s important and biblically sound message in Submission is Not Silence significant for married women, it is relevant and uplifting for single women. An understanding of God’s different purposes and roles for men and women as Julin has clearly explained them is vital for women seeking healthy attitudes toward men and friendships with them long before a husband comes into the picture. In a society where gender roles are reversed and marriage is misunderstood, Submission is Not Silence reminds women of the true gift, privilege and exciting adventure it is to be the partners of men.
Joanne Chantelau

Her review also appears on the ABOUT page.

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