Move from the vulgar, the common place, to the elegant; to the finely designed, crafted and presented. The elegance is already within you. God put it there. You must believe it and move toward it. Be the swan in the pig-pen if you must, but be the swan.

There is such detail within you that it will require your lifetime to refine and polish who you are: your personality, temperament, mind, body, soul. How profoundly amazing you are: a female in the image of God. It does not matter your heritage, your class or position, rich or poor, you have the capacity to reach for God, learn of him, learn who you are and attain the elegance of being a whole woman.

As you walk away from the vulgar, you are at the same moment walking toward elegance, growing whole and complete. As a design of the Creator, you are capable of discovery, of growing and development of the uniqueness that was born in you.

You are Spirit, Soul and Body. Like the wise woman of Proverbs. It may take a lifetime of work, but beginning right now is the best time—the only time you really have.

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