Deborah described in the Book of the Judges is the character description we should look for in a woman who leads politically, or leads anywhere. She was one singularly noble, honorable, a wise woman who became Judge of the Land.

She called herself “a mother”; she was a wise protector, known as the wife of Lapidoth; obviously a proud wife, but famous for her fairness and wisdom.

She was known for her courage, General Barak would not go to the battle without her by his side. When a vicious enemy threatened the land she was the deliverer because of her courage, her wisdom; and because the LORD led her. Deborah was a prophet, a judge, a mother in the land, and a wife.  She had no downside, no past to hide.  When victory over their enemies came, she was the one who led the women in a song and dance.  Deborah was also feminine.

So, to seek out a woman as a leader, where is a mother figure?  Where is a woman who holds fast truthfulness and honor?  If a wise woman, a mother, a wife and a Judge is what we need I do not see one in a prominent position in our culture.

Look for wisdom, courage, purity and a love and pride in Country in any and every leader.  Is God, and the wisdom of Scripture on their tongues?  Is truthfulness in their speeches?  Does any potential leader have honesty, fairness and humility in their character?

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