Submission is believing in your husband, recognizing his place in your life as “head” in your marriage. It is seeing his gifts and believing in his destiny. When you choose to give your best effort toward your marriage and your husband’s life and career, you are actually enabling him to move forward toward success. Your role is a deep wellspring of femaleness that you call out of yourself as a lifetime project. Add to your job description wisdom and loyalty and your husband has been set forward in his mission and life.

Being a good wife does not necessarily mean agreeing with your husband, in fact your perspectives may rarely agree. It is a powerful marriage where the two of you (who are now one flesh) work to “come to agreement.” Respect for each other is the core. It is earning your husband’s respect and admiration and trust. For you, being a good wife—no, a great wife—is learning to know who he is and helping him to be a better man. If you feel strongly enough and are concerned enough, being a great wife means you are searching your heart to find that persuasion that may change his mind.

When you have a strong feeling that a cliff is ahead, it will require wisdom and courage and loyalty from your core.

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